Time Won't Let Us Stay

The house sits on a dirt road, near a covered bridge over a glacier-carved river...


A short walk away, the town of Belvidere consists of a few houses, two small churches, and Tallman's ABC Store, presided over by the same couple for the past 50+ years. 


My 2014 CD, Time Won't Let Us Stay, features songs written about an old family summer house and the small Northwest Vermont community of Belvidere where it's located.

The house is an 1850s era farmhouse bought by wife's grandfather in the first half of the 20th century and remade as a summer getaway or "camp."  

...with a view to Laraway Mountain, also known locally as Roundtop.


Drawing inspiration from years of family gatherings now stretching into the fifth generation, and a community that has warmly welcomed us year after year, Time Won't Let Us Stay celebrates family, community, and the all-too-quickly passing moments of peacefulness and slow summertime.
Randall recorded Time Won't Let Us Stay with Eric Kilburn at Wellspring Sound.  The CD features the harmonies of daughters Emma and Grace, Eric's own peerless mandolin, and guess appearances by Peter Tillotson (bass), Mia Friedman (violin, banjo), Joe Barbato (accordion, piano), Mari Black (violin), and Bonnie Black (cello). The was released on October 1, 2014.