The new song of the week video series started in July 2010 as a challenge to myself to finish more of the songs I began.  I don't manage one every week but some great songs have resulted and the whole family's gotten involved in the videos.  Collected videos here.  Audio .mp3s here.  Song lyrics here.

New Song of the Week Video Blog

At Least Now There's Snow 

Several pretty dustings of post-Christmas snow prompted me to finish and record this song, celebrating the undeniable magic of a snowy night and morning.  Lucky for me, my daughter Grace was home from college at the time and added her lovely harmonies to the song.


Friday Morning 

A song about that Friday morning feeling, when you wake up knowing the work week has only one more day to throw at you.


Angel for Christmas 

The coming holidays always seem to suggest a song or two.  This time it's a little bit of country-ish Christmas romance.  Video recorded on December 23, 2016 with help from my daughter, Grace, and featuring my wife, Pam.

Love in the Middle Ages 

Just in time for Valentine's Day, here is a song for those dedicated to keeping love alive during the busy middle years of life.  Recording February 7, 2016 and featuring my lovely wife and Valentine, Pam.  (A playlist of all my romance-themed songs can be found here).

Nothing for Christmas 

My second new composition for Christmas 2015 is a somewhat tongue in cheek song about foregoing the pressures of gift-buying and gift-giving in favor of spending quality time with family and friends.  Recorded December 20, 2015 in our living room.  Warning: this isn't a proposal I would suggest actually making to your significant other, unless you are sure they know you're kidding...


A pretty acoustic ballad about a holiday road trip to visit family that starts with apprehension and ends in hope.  Recorded at a live holiday show on December 11, 2015.


Finished and recorded on Thanksgiving eve 2015, this song expresses my gratitude for the little things things in life I appreciate and enjoy.

Waiting for the Sun 

Recorded live on April 29, 2015 with help from mandolin player extraordinaire Eric Kilburn, this song was written in late March, in the waning days of the endless Boston of winter of 2015 when it seemed that warm weather would never return.


You Came to Me Like a Song 

A songwriter's love song, this song was begun around Valentine's Day 2014 and finished and recorded for Valentine's Day 2015.  Dedicated to my wife Pam who continues to inspire me.